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283287(Sep. 1984). Briefly outlines some difficulties for a government-binding analysis of left dislocation, based on the placement of interjections in the sentence. THEORETICAL SYNTAX, 1980-1990 31 155. Grimshaw, Jane. Argument Structure. : MIT Press, 1990. x, 202 pp. Studies the lexical representation of argument structure. Develops the structure of argument structure in detail. Also covers the argument structure of nominals and passives, and its interaction with anaphora. 156. Groot, Caspar de.

Harbert, Wayne. "In Defense of Tense". 1-18 (Jan. 1982). Argues that tense should be a consideration in formulating conditions on binding. Especially refers to conditions on rules proposed by Chomsky. Uses data from a variety of languages. 173. Harbert, Wayne. "On the Nature of the Matching Parameter". 237-284 (March 1983). Discusses the requirement of some languages that the grammatical category of the phrase introducing a relative clause match the subcategorization frame of the element governing the clause.

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