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By Enrico G. Beltrametti, Jean-Marc Lévy-Leblond

Advent; E. Beltrametti, J.M. LévyLeblond.GeneralReviews: Experiments with unmarried Atoms in Cavities and Traps; H.Walther. Experiments with unmarried Atoms, Molecules, or Photons; S.Haroche. Quantum results with Ultracold Atoms; Y. Castin, et al. move of unmarried Electrons and unmarried Cooper Pairs in steel Nanostructures; M.H. Devoret, et al. Interferometry with debris of Nonzero leisure Mass: Topological Experiments; G.L. Opat. Achievements in Neutron Interferometry; H. Rauch. Electron Interferometry and Holography; A. Tonomura. Quantum Phenomena and Their functions in Semiconductor Microstructures; F. Capasso.Specific Topics: Quantum Fluctuations and Superconductivity; R. Fazio, A. Tagliacozzo. Spontaneous Localization and Superconductivity; A. Rimini. Photon-Photon Correlations from unmarried Atoms; M.O. Scully. Einstein Causality in Interatom Microcavity-confined Transverse Quantum Correlations; F. De Martini, M. Giangrasso. 3 reviews at the Aharonov-Bohm impact; M. Berry. protecting Measurements; Y. Aharonov,L. Vaidman. susceptible Measurements; L. Vaidman. eight extra articles. Index.

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T o .. 2 0 0 A I Shell+Slrinc o 2 Shell. +Slrlnc o 3 Shell. +Slrinc * * 4 Shell. +Slrinc 40 30 20 0 I 0 0 Shell 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 10 7 1 2 3 Potential Depth to 5 7 10 [eV] Figure 13. Summary of the experimental results. (a, top) Individual ions resolved, where the observed structures are chracterised by the ion density per unit length and the depth of the potential well t/;o' These two parameters can be combined to give the normalised linear particle density Awhich fully determines the ion configuration.

World Scientific Publishing, Singapore (1984). S. E. Bjorkholm, A Ashkin and A Cable, Demonstration and laser cooling and trapping of atoms, in: "Atomic Physics 10", H. Narumi and S. E. Pritchard, K. Helmerson, AG. Martin, Atom traps, in: "Atomic Physics 11 ", S. e. Gay and G. , World Scientific Publishing, Singapore (1988). D. Meschede, H. Walther and G. Muller, The one-atom maser, Phys. Rev. Lett. 54:551 (1985). T. W. Cummings, Comparison of quantum and semiclassical radiation theories with application to the beam maser, Proc.

The method is akin to an amplification process, the weak photon yield of the forbidden transition being multiplied by a huge factor. Oehmelt long ago under the name of "shelving specu"oscopy". It will certainly be the choice method in the design of single ion clock standards. Photon Antibunching The occurence of quantum jumps in an ion's fluorescence is a non classical phenomenon whose time scale is characterized by the relatively long lifetimes of the ion metastable states. 27,28 is another striking nonclassical effect, also obselved on the radiation of a single particle, but at the much sholter scale cOlTesponding to the time interval between two successive fluorescence photons.

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