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By J. A. Bergstra, J. Heering, P. Klint

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ISO, International Standard ISO/IEC 2510: Systems and Software Engineering - Systems and Software Quality Requirements and Evaluation (SQuaRE) - System and Software Quality Models, ISO/IEC (2011) Architectural Principles for Service Cloud Applications 21 18. : A survey of change management in service-based environments. SOCA 7(4), 259–273 (2013). Springer 19. : Software Metrics. A Rigorous and Practical Approach. PWS Publishing Company, Boston (1997) 20. : A controlled experiment for evaluating the impact of coupling on the maintainability of service-oriented software.

Instead of decomposing the availability property into different parts, it is also possible to introduce a universal quantifier for the propagation rules. In this case, the propagation of a value 36 M. Langermeier et al. is dependent on all rather than on a single connected element. Thereby only elements which are connected via the same relationship classes are considered. The rule for the provide class is shown in Table 9. Table 9. Availability propagation rules for quantification (allquantor) class ...

3 Foundations By definition, the assessment of an impacts has to include the computation of reachable elements. According to [7], dependability refers to directly connected elements while reachability additionally regards transitive connections. To evaluate these relationships, we employ data-flow analysis, a technique based on the principle of information propagation which allows for declarative and recursive specifications. Consequently, we can directly implement the following definition: An element is reachable if at least one predecessor element is reachable.

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