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Figure 2-28. The saved images in the Mobile Development folder One particular issue you need to be aware of is the slideshow display order of the iPod photo. jpg ... jpg ... jpg ... jpg ... To ensure that your iPod photo displays the slides in the correct order, you need to ensure that each image filename has the same "numerical width". e. jpg, etc. e. jpg, etc. The easiest way to rename all the graphics images would be to use a third-party tool. html) utility to rename all my images. To rename a series of files, select the files you want to rename and Ctrl-Click.

Chapter 1. Features of the iPod Photo Apple has recently released the iPod photo (see Figure 1-1), a fourth generation (4G) iPod capable of displaying color photos. With its new enhanced color screen, you could now do more with your iPod, other than using it just as a music player. If you are the proud owner of the new iPod photo, congratulations! I know you are eager to know what are the cool things you could do with your new toy. In this book, I will share with you some tips and tricks for using your iPod photo.

Obtaining and Installing iTunes In order to use all the new features in iPod photo, you need to have the latest version of iTunes. com/itunes. 7, so you can just install iTunes directly from the CD. 7. When you first start iTunes with your iPod photo connected, iTunes will prompt you with a dialog box (see Figure 2-1). Check the "Automatically copy photos to my iPod" option if you want to automatically copy photos to your iPod photo. Figure 2-1. 2. 7 You can use iTunes to synchronize your photos on your Mac with your iPod photo.

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