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1. Supranuclear Pathways for Eye pursuits, 2. Supranuclear issues of the attention hobbies, three. Nystagmus, four. The student, five. visible Pathway, 6. Anatomy of the Optic Nerve, 7. Oculomotor Nerve, eight. Lesions of the Oculomotor Nerve, nine. Trochlear Nerve and Lesions, 10. Abducent Nerve and its Lesions, eleven. Trigeminal Nerve, 12.

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Jane Delano During World War I, Jane Delano, a graduate of Bellevue School of Nursing and former ANA president, took one of the first stances that created a division among nursing leaders. In 1912, physicians wanted the Red Cross to put untrained nursing aides at their sides to assist with war casualties. Physicians, not nurses, would train the aides in caring for the sick. Delano was opposed to the aide education plan because it violated the educational standards already established by nursing.

With the support of a Carnegie grant in 1910, Abraham Flexner visited the 155 medical schools throughout the United States and Canada to assess the level of accountability in medical education and to bring about necessary reforms. The Flexner report brought about the following changes: closure of inadequate medical schools, consolidation of schools with limited resources, creation of nonprofit status for the remaining schools, and establishment of medical education in university settings based on standards and strong economic resources.

CHAPTER 1 Evolution of Nursing and Nursing Education 5 TABLE 1-1 Historical Events Influencing the Evolution of Nursing DATE EVENT 4000 BC 2000 BC 800–600 BC 700 BC 460 BC 3 BC AD 390 390–407 711 1100 1440 1522 1600–1752 1633 1820 1826 1837 1841 1848 1854–1856 1859 1860 1861–1865 1863 1871 1872 Primitive societies Babylonia and Assyria Health religions of India Greece: source of modern medical science Hippocrates Ireland: pre-Christian nursing Fabiola: founded first hospital Early Christianity, deaconesses Field hospital with nursing, Spain Ambulatory clinics, Spain (Moslems) First Chairs of Medicine, Oxford and Cambridge Military nursing orders Deterioration of hospitals and nursing Founded: Daughters of Charity Florence Nightingale born Kaiserwerth deaconesses reestablished First American college for women, Mount Holyoke Founded: Nursing Sisters of the Holy Cross Women’s Rights Convention, Seneca Falls, New York Crimean War Nightingale’s Notes on Nursing published in England First Nightingale School of Nursing, St.

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