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Mention every parameter in your description and describe the return value. Here is the description from days_difference: ... ... Return the number of days between day1 and day2, which are both in the range 1-365 (thus indicating the day of the year). 5. Body. By now, you should have a good idea of what you need to do in order to get your function to behave properly. It’s time to write some code! Here is the body from days_difference: ... return day2 - day1 6. Test. Run the examples to make sure your function body is correct.

Designing and Using Functions • 36 Python Remembers and Reuses Some Objects A cache is a collection of data. Because small integers—up to about 250 or so, depending on the version of Python you’re using—are so common, Python creates those objects as it starts up and reuses the same objects whenever it can. This speeds up operations involving these values. Function id reveals this: >>> i = 3 >>> j = 3 >>> k = 4 - 1 >>> id(i) 4296861792 >>> id(j) 4296861792 >>> id(k) 4296861792 What that means is that variables i, j, and k refer to the exact same object.

Evaluate the expression on the right of the = sign: 3. This one is easy to evaluate: 3 is produced. 2. Make the variable on the left of the = sign, number, refer to 3. Python executes the second statement, number = 2 * number, as follows: 1. Evaluate the expression on the right of the = sign: 2 * number. number currently refers to 3, so this is equivalent to 2 * 3, so 6 is produced. report erratum • discuss Variables and Computer Memory: Remembering Values • 21 2. Make the variable on the left of the = sign, number, refer to 6.

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